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A sense of purpose

Apr 26, 2018

A sense of purpose

My first major rework of the website follows a year of change. Moving house, stepping down a gear or two but taking more time with my pictures. I have spent more time helping others with their photography whether they are beginners with #aphotoadayforayear or helping more established people get their first exhibitions. The year has been a rewarding one.

While my health has remained stable, fatigue plays a part in my daily existence РI have to work with it rather than against it. This year I have started using a converted infrared Sony NEX-7 Рit allows me to explore the landscape but also at a time of day that would normally be prohibitive to a landscape photographer.

The Don’t Look Now exhibition continues at Moo and Two on Catherine Hill in Frome. I have to thank Euan for his passion and enthusiasm for my photography and photography in general. The experience of taking so many portraits has been amazing and the reactions of people (in them and seeing them) has been hugely enjoyable.

This year, some new things, some old things and some more things. More portraits, more film and a venture into some timelapse. I will continue to help and support others – it is good to give back.


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