Self-taught photographer who started work in the mid-eighties, documenting film shoots in the film industry. Later exhibiting as part of British Film year in 1986 at the tender age of 19.
Moved on to special effects photography and more general photography for the local television and news media. Working in multimedia applications for business he still used his photographic skills until finally going back to college - something he missed earlier in life because of work!
In 1996 a chance encounter led him through the doors of the photographic gallery and community darkroom F.stop in the heart of Bath. Given the chance to run the organization from 1997 he set up digital courses, running one of the first Photoshop for Photographers courses in the UK and Web Design taught by professionals from nearby Future Publishing.
While the stint at F.stop only lasted until 1999, that time left an indelible mark, the realization that a community could bring so much creativity from within that was so much bigger than the sum of its parts.

Dan then moved into web design, having done the course that he set up! Years of work on award-winning hotel websites followed, he lost touch with his photography. Moving up to print graphic design led to more work with imagery and a return to photography, this time digital.
In 2013 Dan enrolled in The Arcanum - a mentor-based academy for Art & Photography. The Arcanum used Teleconferencing and Google+ to bring experienced photographers from the world together to learn from each other. The results were extraordinary! Dan was selected to work with an ex Kodak Product Manager and Melbourne-based photographer Glenn Guy and over the next few months working with photographers from California, New England and Canada found new focus for his work with a camera. Further mentorships brought greater expertise and confidence in his work.

In 2019, Dan started volunteering for Black Swan Arts in Frome, donating some of his time to help them with their imagery needs and helping, where he could, with the understanding of running an arts organization. It was soon after this that he started the Getting Off Auto course, a basic course to understand the knobs and dials on your camera.

2020 has brought many challenges, but will mean that courses will be online for the foreseeable future.

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