Getting Off Auto - ONLINE 1 to 1
There are so many people who buy cameras but don’t read manuals – who find a setting that kind of works but is very limiting.
With new knowledge, photographers can find new skills and experiment more freely, with more creativity. The course will run for two hours with a theory discussion via Zoom and be tailored as much as possible to your own camera, we will cover: the anatomy of your camera, the exposure triangle, the function dial, focus settings, exposure trade-offs, Depth of Field, Reciprocity, and Stops, and if there is time Histograms and Dynamic Range.

Cost £80 for two hours to include a video of the workshop and a PDF handout. The course is aimed at beginners or people stuck in using automatic or program on their cameras.
Please have your camera to hand.
The course is currently limited to people over the age of 18.
This online course is 1 to 1 but many more dates are available.

Please contact me for further details
Open-ended Improver course
Join me for an hour a week or a fortnight for 1 to 1 tuition in a range of areas to improve your photography. Areas covered include shot selection, understanding settings, composition, light, landscape, street photography, and portraiture. Each session is tailored to your needs.
From £POA

Please contact me for further details
"Dan is absolutely brilliant! He knows everything there is to know about photography, is passionate, positive and friendly. I wish I’d done his course sooner - would have saved me a lot of expensive/unnecessary equipment and missed opportunities I wish I’d captured. Highly recommended."

Emma Warren
"Thanks to Dan's patient teaching, I've now begun to understand the basic principles of balancing shutter speed, aperture and ISO readings. After years of letting the camera decide what's best for me, I've finally started to take control of it for myself. A revelation!
I thoroughly recommended this course!"

Professor Steve Poole
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